Cavcic Antonija Vini




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Graduating School 【 display / non-display

  • Murdoch University  Arts  Communication and Cultural Studies, Journalism  2006.01

  • Heidelberg University  Anglistik/English Studies  Anglistik/English Studies  2012.03

  • Murdoch University  Arts  Arts  2017.09

Degree 【 display / non-display

  • Doctor of Philosophy  Murdoch University  2017.09

  • Master (English Studies)  Heidelberg University  2012.03

  • Bachelor with Honours  Murdoch University  2006.01

Campus Career 【 display / non-display

  • University of Shiga Prefecture  School of Human Cultures  Department of Intercultural Communions  Department of Intercultural Communication  Lecturer   2021.04 - Now

External Career 【 display / non-display

  • Nihon University Economics Department  part‐time teacher   2007.09 - 2007.12

  • Waseda University (Sports Science)  part‐time teacher   2009.04 - 2009.07

  • Meisei University (Department of Education)  part‐time teacher   2012.09 - 2013.01

  • Asia University  All faculties  Lecturer   2015.04 - 2019.03

  • Asia University  International Relations  part‐time teacher   2019.04 - 2021.03

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Academic Society Affiliations 【 display / non-display

  • Australian Institute of International Affairs  Regular member

  • Jalt. Study Abroad SIG

  • Society of English Studies

  • Jalt. Gender Awareness in Language Education SIG

Committee career, Officer career 【 display / non-display

  • CELE Journal (Asia University) Editorial Staff   2016.04 - 2019.03

  • The Language Teacher (TLT) Editing Staff   2017.04 - 2019.03

  • Study Abroad Committee   2021.04 - Now

Field of expertise (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research classification) 【 display / non-display

  • Literature in English

  • Cultural anthropology

  • Gender

  • English linguistics

  • Foreign language education

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Research theme 【 display / non-display

  • Cultural studies, gender representation, English education

    English literature, popular culture, English education gender

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Shining under the glass ceiling: How Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party's Josei Kyoku (Women's Affairs Division) keeps women in their place

    Antonija Cavcic

    JALT  JALT GALE JOURNAL  (14)    2022.01  Single Work  



  • Playing through the pandemic:The Social and Emotional Gratifications of Gaming during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Japan

    Antonija Cavcic

    International Academic Forum  International Academic Forum : The 2nd Kyoto Conference on Arts, Media and Culture Proceedings    2022.01  Single Work  



  • Book Review: Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women White Feminists Forgot

    Antonija Cavcic

    JALT  JALT Gale Journal  (14)    2022.01  Single Work  


    本論文は「Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women White Feminists Forgot」の書評です。この本の主なテーマは白人フェミニストに関する批判です。上記の作品の議論などの良い点・悪い点の双方を検証している。

  • Shukatsu sexism interview with Mizuno Yumi

    Antonija Cavcic

    JALT, GALE  GALE Newsletter  September 2021    2021.09

    Single Work  


    本論は「ストップ・就活・ セクシズム」と言う運動を始まった水野ゆみのインタビューです。内容は主に就活活動時に典型的な日本の会社の差別的な考え方と規則の批判・議論です。

  • Gender and Gairaigo:A Discourse Analysis of Japanese Politicians’ Public Announcements During the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Antonija Cavcic

    JALT  JALT Postconference Publication - Issue 2020    2021.08  Single Work  



  • Interview with Dr Marcus Carter on Children’s Play and Games Studies Discourse

    Antonija Cavcic

    Bremen University  Gamevironments Journal  14    2021.07  Single Work  


    本論はオーストラリアの有名なゲーム・スタディーズの学者 (Dr.Marcus Carter)のインタビューです。内容は主にパンデミックの最中のゲームユーザーの拡大とユーザーへの心理的ないい影響について検討している。

  • Modernism and Modernity in British Women’s Magazines Alice Wood, Reviewed by Antonija Cavcic

    Antonija Cavcic

    Sage  European Journal of Communication  36 (1)    2021.02

    Single Work  

  • Book Review: The Truth Will Set You Free, but First It Will Piss You Off!

    Antonija Cavcic

    JALT  Gale Journal  13    2021.01

    Single Work  

  • Gothic queer culture: A Review

    Antonija Cavcic

    Queen’s University  Panic at the Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal  4    2020.10

    Single Work  

  • Interview of Tatianna Lee

    Antonija Cavcic

    JALT  GALE NEWSLETTER    2020.08

    Single Work  

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Conferences 【 display / non-display

  • Profiting from Polytheism: The Commodification of Mythical Beings during the Covid-19 Outbreak in Japan

    The 12th Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy  2022.03

  • Playing through the pandemic:The Social and Emotional Gratifications of Gaming during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Japan

    The 2nd Kyoto Conference on Arts , Media and Culture  2021.11

  • Overcoming a pandemic with ‘Pan’: Anpanman’s pertinence in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic

    DePaul Pop Culture Conference  2021.05

  • Gender and gairaigo: A Discourse Analysis of Japanese Politicians’ Public Announcements During the Covid-19 Pandemic

    JALT 2020  2020.11

  • English for the Olympics: Evaluating the efficacy of Japan’s promotion of English education in a pre-2020 context

    LSP 4th International Conference ‘From Theory to Practice in Language for Specific Purposes  2019.02

  • Balancing Baito and Benkyou: The Conditions of International Students in Japan

    JALT Study Abroad Conference 2018 :Challenges & solutions  2018.09

  • Za Katakana English

    The 28th Annual JALT Gunma Summer Workshop  2017.09

  • Survival English

    Conference on Global Higher Education  2017.06

  • "Let's Globalization!”: Deconstructing 'Guroobaru-ka' Discourse in Late-Heisei Japan

    Sojo University Teaching and Learning Forum: Active Learning in a Globalized World  2017.02

  • Addressing "Anshin Anzen" Anxiety: Tackling Issues in Studying Abroad in an Age of Insecurity

    Conference on Global Higher Education  2016.06

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