URABE Misako




Research Fields, Keywords

freshwater biology, ecology, benthos, parasite, taxonomy

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  • Kyoto University  Faculty of Science  1989.03

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  • Kyoto University  Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Doctor's Course  1996.03

Campus Career 【 display / non-display

  • University of Shiga Prefecture  School of Environmental Science  Department of Ecosystemus Studies  Professor   2012.04 - Now

  • University of Shiga Prefecture  School of Environmental Science  Department of Ecosystemus Studies  Associate Professor   2007.04 - 2012.03

  • University of Shiga Prefecture  School of Environmental Science  Department of Ecosystemus Studies  Associate Professor (as old post name)   2005.04 - 2007.03

Academic Society Affiliations 【 display / non-display

  • American Society of Parasitologists

  • Ecology and civil engineering society

  • Japanese society of Parasitology

  • Malacological Society of Japan

  • Japanese society of Limnology

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Field of expertise (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research classification) 【 display / non-display

  • Biodiversity/Systematics

  • Ecology/Environment


Research theme 【 display / non-display

  • The influence of population genetic structures on the trematode susceptibility of snails endemic in Lake Biwa

    ecology, parasitology, endemism, host-parasite interaction, evolution

  • Ecological control of introduced bucephalid parasites pathogenic to freshwater fishes

    invasive species, fish disease, parasite

  • Taxonomy and life cycle studies of freshwater digeneans

    trematode, parasite, taxonomy, life cycle,biodiversity

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Across-population variation in sex ratio in invasive Japanese Potamopyrgus antipodarum (Caenogastropoda: Rissooidea: Hydrobiidae)

    Tatara Y., Hamada K., Urabe M., the Biology Club of Kojo High School

    日本陸水学会  Limnology  15   185 - 190  2014

    10.1007/s10201-013-0420-1  Single Work  Joint(The vice charge)

  • Revision of Isoparorchis Southwell, 1913 (Digenea, Hemiuroidea, Isoparorchiiidae), parasites of the air bladder of freshwater catfishes: a molecular and morphological study.

    Shimazu T., Cribb T. H., Miller T. L., Urabe M., Ha N. V., Binh T. T., Shed'ko M. B.

    国立科学博物館  Bulletin of National Museum of Nature and Science, Ser. A.  40   15 - 51  2014

    Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)

  • Characterization of arginine kinase from the Caenogastropod Semisulcospira libertina, an intermediate host of Paragonimus westermani

    Jarilla B. R., Uda K., Suzuki T., Acosta, L. P., Urabe, M., Agatsuma T.

    Malacological Society, UK  The Journal of Mollscan Studies    2014

    10.1093/mollus/eyu053  Single Work  Joint(The vice charge)

  • Invasion, dispersion, population persistence and ecological impacts of a freshwater mussel (Limnoperna fortunei) in the Honshu Island of Japan

    Nakano D., Baba T., Endo, N., Nagayama S., Fujinaga A., Uchida A., Shiragane A., Urabe, M., Kobayashi T.

     Biological Invasions    2014

    Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)

  • Allocreadium tamoroko sp. nov. (Digenea, Allocreadiidae) parasitic in the intestine of the freshwater fish Gnathopogon elongates elongates (Cyprinidae) from Shiga Prefecture, Central Japan

    Shimazu T., Urabe M.

    国立科学博物館  Bulletin of National Museum if Nature and Science, Ser. A.  39   69 - 72  2013

    Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)

  • Allogenarchopsis gen. nov. (Digenea, Derogenidae, Halipeginae) parasitic in the intestine of freshwater fishes: a molecular and morphological study of adult and cercarial forms.

    Urabe M., Shimazu T.

    国立科学博物館  Bulletin of National Museum of Nature and Science, Ser. A.  39   119 - 130  2013

    Joint Work  Joint(The main charge)

  • Liolope copulans (Trematoda: Digenea: Liolopidae) parasitic in Andrias japonicus (Amphibia: Caudata: Cryptobranchidae) in Japan: life cycle and systematic position inferred from morphological and molecular evidence

    Baba, T., Hosoi, M., Urabe, M., Shimazu, T., Tochimoto, T., Hasegawa, H.

    日本寄生虫学会  Parasitology International  60   181 - 192  2011.06

    10.1016/j.parint.2011.02.002  Joint Work  Joint(The main charge)

  • Digeneans (Trematoda) Parasitic in freshwater fishes (Osteichthyes) of the Lake Biwa basin in Shiga Prefecture, Central Honshu, Japan

    Shimazu, T., Urabe, M., Grygier, M. J.

    国立科学博物館  National Museum of Nature and Science Monographs  43   1 - 105  2011.03

    10.1016/j.parint.2011.02.002  Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)

  • Effects of infection with larval cestodes, Neogryporhuynchus cheilancristrotus on the growth, body shape and nuptial color of the cyprinid minnow, Hemigrammocypris rasborella

    Inoue M., Amano M., Suzuki N., Urabe M.

     Bulletin of Kansai Organization for Natural Conservation  32   99 - 111  2010.12

    Joint Work  Joint(The main charge)

  • New records of Gordius specimens from Japan (Nematomorpha, Gordiida)

    Schmidt-Rhaesa, A., Urabe, M.

    Selbstverlag des Zoologischen Instituts und Zoologischen Museums der Universität Hamburg  Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut  106   1 - 6  2010.10

    Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)

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Review Papers 【 display / non-display

  • 大阪府南河内地域におけるため池の現状と魚類相,およびカワバタモロコの生息状況

    吉村元貴, 浦部美佐子, 鈴木規慈

    地域自然史と保全  地域自然史と保全   137 - 144  2012.12

     Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)