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  • Ph.D. in Literature  Osaka City University (Osaka Metropolitan University)  2000.03

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  • University of Shiga Prefecture  Abolition organization  University Center for Intercultural Education  Associate Professor   2010.04 - Now

  • University of Shiga Prefecture  University Center for Intercultural Education  Lecturer   2002.04 - 2010.03

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  • University ofCambridge  Wolfson College, Faculty of English  Visiting Fellow   2019.04 - 2019.09

  • University of Sussex  School of English  Visiting Fellow   2017.08 - 2017.10

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  • The Joseph Conrad Society of Japan  Chair

  • The Joseph Conrad Society of America  member

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  • Literature in general

  • European literature

  • British Literature


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  • Burns' Burst of Laughter: The Shadow-Line between the Arts

    Kaoru Yamamoto

    Universite de Limoges  L’Epoque Conradienne: Journal of the French Conrad Society  (41)   121 - 131  2019.05

    Single Work  Joint(The main charge)

  • La Folie Almayer: Madness in Conrad and René Magritte

    Kaoru Yamamoto

    Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Columbia University Press  Conrad: Eastern and Western Perspectives    2019.01

    Single Work  

  • La Folie Almayer: Madness in Conrad and René Magritte

    Kaoru Yamamoto

    Joseph Conrad Society of Japan  Conrad Studies: Journal of Joseph Conrad Society of Japan  (10)    2019

    Single Work  

  • Soho as Mnemonic Black Hole: "Topographical Mysteries" in The Secret Agent

    Kaoru Yamamoto

     Conrad Studies: Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society of Japan  (8)   15 - 31  2017.03

    Single Work  


    In its apparently faithful, at times even grotesque, reproduction of London in the late Victorian period, The Secret Agent makes us see the social reality of the metropolis. However, in the geography of Conrad's monstrous town, sometimes suddenly spaces opens up that resist the reader's attempted mapping. These `topographical mysteries' undermine the sense of historical referentiality that the novel otherwise seems to explore in its naturalistic engagement with the landscape of the city. Considering the story's ambiguous historicity less in terms of the author's misremembrance than in terms of a mnemonic `black hole', which is a question of traumatic memory, this essay suggests that the occasional difficulty of anchoring the text to a particular space and time, in part, renders the novel all the more open to new readings, thereby enabling it to return again and again as `the true classic of terrorism'.

  • Toward a Possible Partage of Memory: “History” and “Solidarity” in Joseph Conrad

    Kaoru Yamamoto

    Cambridge Scholars Publishing  Solidarity, Memory and Identity  0   258 - 269  2015.01

    Single Work  

  • Hospitality in ‘The Secret Sharer’

    Kaoru Yamamoto

    Maria Curie-Sklodowska Univ Pr  Wine in Old and New Bottles: Critical Paradigms for Joseph Conrad  23 (0)   253 - 268  2014.01

    Single Work  

  • “Strange Fraternity in The Rover”

    Kaoru Yamamoto

    Université de Limoge  L’Epoque Conradienne  38   103 - 117  2013.05

    Single Work  

  • The Warrior's Soul and the Question of Community

    Kaoru Yamamoto

    Rodopi  The Conradian: The Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK)  35 (1)   78 - 91  2010.03

    Single Work  

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  • Drawing the blindness, or the blindness of drawing in “The End of the Tether” and Lord Jim

    The 49th Annual Conference The Joseph Conrad Society (UK)  2022.09

  • Music Resounding from the Past in Joseph Conrad’s Victory


  • Burns' Burst of Laughter: 'The Shadow-Line' between the Arts

    Between Texts and Theory: Transnational Conrad  2017.09

  • Conrad and Magritte--Drifting Roots in Almayer's Folly

    8th meeting of The English Literary Society of Kyoto Prefectural University  2016.10

  • La Folie Almayer: Madness in Conrad and René Magritte

    6th International Joseph Conrad Conference  2016.06

  • Mnemonic Black Hole: Soho in Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent

    Literary Society of Osaka City University  2015.12

  • An Art of Palpation: Plastic Imagination in The Arrow of Gold

    第41回 英国ジョウゼフ・コンラッド学会国際大会  2015.07

  • Responding in a Duel: History as Responsibility in The Duel

    The 1st Annual Conference of The Joseph Conrad Society of Japan  2013.06

  • Toward a Possible Partage of Memory: History and Solidarity in Joseph Conrad

    Solidarity, Memory and Identity  2012.09

  • Hospitality in The Secret Sharer

    Fifth International Joseph Conrad's Conference  2011.07

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Other research activities 【 display / non-display

  • Visiting Academic of the Facultyl of English at University of Cambridge

    Other   2019.04 - 2019.09

  • Visiting Fellow of the School of English at Sussex University

    Other   2017.07 - 2017.10


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