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limnology,Geochemistry,Material Cycle

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  • Nagoya University  Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Doctor's Course  2000.03

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  • University of Shiga Prefecture  School of Environmental Science  Department of Ecosystem Studies  Professor   2022.04 - Now

  • University of Shiga Prefecture  School of Environmental Science  Department of Ecosystem Studies  Associate Professor   2009.11 - 2022.03

  • University of Shiga Prefecture  School of Environmental Science  Department of Ecosystem Studies  Assistant Professor   2007.04 - 2009.10

  • University of Shiga Prefecture  School of Environmental Science  Department of Ecosystem Studies  Research Assistant   2001.06 - 2007.03

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  • Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology

  • Aquatic bioproduction science

  • Environmental dynamic analysis


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  • Measurement of primary production by phytoplankton using optical methodology

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  • An Estimation of Precipitation Retention Time Using Depth Metres in the Northern Basin of Lake Biwa

    Iwaki M., Hayakawa K., Goto N.

    Atmosphere  Atmosphere  13 (5)    2022.05

    10.3390/atmos13050724  Joint Work  


    To facilitate climate change adaptations and water management, estimates of precipitation retention time (time required for precipitation to reach a lake) can help to accurately determine a water body’s terrestrial water storage capacity and water cycle. Although estimating the precipitation retention time on land is difficult, estimating the lag between precipitation on land and a rise in lake water levels is possible. In this study, the delay times (using a depth metre installed in the mooring system in the northern basin of Lake Biwa from August 2017 to October 2018) were calculated using response functions, and it evaluated the precipitation retention time in the catchment. However, as several delays between the river surface flow (<1 d) and shallow subsurface flow (≈45 d) remained unidentified, the delay times resulting from direct precipitation on the lake as well as from internal seiches were determined. The results suggest that delay times of approximately 20 d correspond to the paddy–waterway system between the river inflow and the subsurface flow, and that this effect corresponds to that of large rivers such as the Ane River. These findings can enhance water management strategies regarding the regulation of river flows, adapting to climate change-induced fluctuations in precipitation.

  • Grain size distribution and chemistry of the brackish Lake sediment in Korea

    Chan Shin, Tetsuji Akatsuka, Hisayuki Azumi, Lan Ao, Nozomi Amahashi, Maki Oyagi, Noriko Ishida, Naoshige Goto, Masahiro Maruo, Akihiko Yagi, Yasushi Seike, Seuug Hyunn Lee, Sung Ae Yoon, Jun Kil Choi, Young Woong Byeon, Byuug Mo Lee, Osamu Mitamura, Kwang Jin Cho

     Environmental Engineering Research  26    2021

    Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)

  • Effect of dissolved oxygen on nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes from lake sediments and their thresholds based on incubation using a simple and stable dissolved oxygen control method

    Ken'ichi Osaka,Rei Yokoyama,Takaaki Ishibashi,Naoshige Goto

     Limnology and Oceanography Method    2021

    10.1002/lom3.10466  Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)

  • Temporal variation in community structure of zoosporic fungi in Lake Biwa, Japan

    Song P., Yi R., Tanabe S., Goto N., Seto K., Kagami M., Ban S.

    Aquatic Microbial Ecology  Aquatic Microbial Ecology  87   17 - 28  2021

    10.3354/AME01970  Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)


    Zoosporic fungi play an important role in aquatic environments, but their diversity, especially that of parasitic fungi of phytoplankton, has still not been fully revealed. We conducted monthly analyses of the community structure of zoosporic fungi at a pelagic site in Lake Biwa, Japan, from May to December 2016. Metabarcoding analysis, targeted to a large subunit region of ribosomal DNA in the nano-size fraction of particles (2-20 μm), was carried out on the samples. We also counted large phytoplankton and chytrid sporangia attached to the hosts. We detected 3 zoosporic fungal phyla (Blastocladiomycota, Chytridiomycota and Cryptomycota) within 107 operational taxonomic units (OTUs), in which Chytridiomycota was the most diverse and abundant phylum. Few fungal OTUs overlapped between months, and specific communities were detected in each month. These results showed that diverse zoosporic fungi with high temporal variability inhabited the lake. Five large phytoplankton species were found to be infected by chytrids: Staurastrum dorsidentiferum, S. rotula, Closterium aciculare, Asterionella formosa and Aulacoseira granulata. Some chytrids were detected by metabarcoding analysis: Zygophlyctis asterionellae infecting A. formosa, Staurastromyces oculus infecting S. dorsidentiferum and Pendulichytrium sphaericum infecting A. granulata. One OTU detected in association with infected C. aciculare by microscopic counting might have been an obligate parasitic chytrid of C. aciculare. The results indicated that a combination of metabarcoding and microscopic analysis revealed more information on zoosporic fungi, including those that are parasitic.

  • 琵琶湖北湖第一湖盆における底質環境と表層堆積物による溶存酸素消費


     陸水学雑誌    2017

    Joint Work  Joint(The main charge)

  • Effectiveness of preservatives and poisons on sediment trap material in freshwater environments

    Goto Naoshige, Kento Hisamatsu, Chikage Yoshimizu, Shuhei Ban

     Limnology  17 (1)   87 - 94  2016

    10.1007/s10201-015-0467-2  Joint Work  Joint(The main charge)

  • Relationships between carbon flow through freshwater phytoplankton and environmental factors in Lake Biwa, Japan.

    Goto, N., Y. Tanaka and O. Mitamura

     Fundamental and Applied of Limnology  184   261 - 275  2014

    Joint Work  Joint(The main charge)

  • Environmental Education about Lake Nishinoko, an Attached Lagoon of Lake Biwa

    Osamu Mitamura, Satoko Ishikawa, Noriko Ishida, Naoshige Goto, Junji Tachibana, Masahiro Maruo

     Limnological Study  1   5 - 15  2014

    Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)

  • Estimation of in situ primary productivity using chlorophyll fluorescence technique in phytoplankton and its verification

     Japanese Journal of Limnology  74   173 - 181  2013

    Joint Work  Joint(The vice charge)

  • Highly efficient silica sink in the monomictic Lake Biwa in Japan

    Goto Naoshige, Hisayuki Azumi, Tetsuji Akatsuka, Masaki Kihira, Masakazu Ishikawa, Kaori Anbutsu, Osamu Mitamura

     Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology  49   139 - 147  2013

    Joint Work  Joint(The main charge)

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